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Planet Terror 'Movie Review'

Reviewing: Home Release 2007  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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The Drive Through movie format of this ones advertisements, and novelty movie promo, send you back to the memories of teenage excitement, and bandito rebellion. An awesome first gig, as the strip dancer and Arabian music tantalize the viewer. Lots of naked breasts from the get go. You better sit down guys.

I rented this one, so I cannot tell you the names of all the actors, and I will have to write this one as it goes.

The hot looking babe named Cherry (Rose McGowen) quits her job as a Go-Go dancer and gets knocked to the side of the road as she walks away from her job. Military like vehicles race by as she falls toward the trash cans, cutting her leg in this prompting first act.

The scene is quickly forwarded to a base, where a man loses his testicles to the blade. Lots of crazy off-the-wall senseless action, and then the Bruce Willis intro. Next up is a Zombie presence and face melting Gas.

Robert Rrodriguez films a Quentin Terantino style movie here, as the next scene rapidly takes you off course, introducing the next line of madness. This is a Dusk Till Dawn like film.

I could review this one all the way through, but it is too crazy, and mostly about blood and effects. I will leave you hanging as this one gets way out of hand. Oh my God, this is getting crazier by the moment.

The sound quality is like that of a movie theater, and the madness hits a top ten rank. Each moment takes you deeper into a war zone type film. This one is flippin' crazy. I am a fan now of this mans work.

I would classify the quality of this great movie with that of Rob Zombie. The language is real, and the movies first Go-Go character and her brilliant acquaintance Ray (Freddy Rodriguez) become movie hero's bent on revenge. This madhouse event is truly grade-A. Again I am enthralled to lay it on the line. A wacko, kick butt film.

The blood effects are enhanced, as the choppy Quentin like drama is spread out like jam on toast. This messy movie is just the way the great ones are made. You sit in fear, as this movie goes way beyond the norm. It is the Zombie of Zombie flicks. Freddie Krueger gone Resident evil here. Unhuman.

Lots of leg action (literally) and plenty of heart thumping moments prevail, as I leave you in the dark, and demandthat you see this creeper. You must take my final grade of A+ as a sign to spend the cash and rent it, buy it, or gift it to all your friends. A classic mind flick like Pulp Fiction, this movie ends with our favorite Go-Go dancer (now with a machine gun leg), fighting bio-terror, virus-infected, zombie mutants like James Woods fighting vampires.

Quentin Terantino stars as an infected freak soldier, and I am confused now as to his involvement in the production of this movie hinting toward his participation. Bruce Willis had something to do with this one also, as his whole career of characters reflected in the military freak he portrayed in this piece of art.

You can't deny your curiosity and hard driven excitement. I have induced by my hard cold tactic to get you out and renting this one now. I bet this review finds its way into the morgue as I refuse to tell you how this wooden leg to the eyeball freak show ends. Lip stick rules and the bust prevails again as this one ends like the story of Moses meets Natural Born Killers. A Top Notch Film with plenty of blood spatter moments and cleavage for the masses. Five for five in Golden Stars!