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Reviewing: Panasonic Tcl32 C22 32" Lcd 720p Hdtv  |  Rating:
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Tcl32c22 Planning Computer Tv 720p

I delayed buying an LCD HDTV because I was trying to find the best deal from a brand I trust. There were many tempting offers but these days I also do extensive online research and check customer evaluations because what sounds like a good deal could just be a gimmick to get sales. I didn't want some no-name brand 50" TV going for an insanely cheap price like $500 that dies immediately after the warranty expires. I've also seen some other models that have a DVD player built in - but again, reviews seemed very mixed. This 32" Panasonic TV has extremely high satisfaction ratings and I can definitely see why.

I'm primarily using this TV for gaming. LCDs are best for that because Plasma screens tend to run the risk of image burn-in. I have a standard definition converter box hooked up to it but since this is an HDTV, standard def looks alright, but not as clear as I'd like.

Getting it set up is easy. You screw the stand on, plug it in and you're ready to go. The ports on the back are all labeled and easy to identify so plugging in the cable box and video game was a breeze. After a few quick on-screen instructions, the TV was synced up with my converter box and I had picture without having to flip through the manual in confusion.

It also has a feature where you can insert an SD card to display pics on the TV like a slideshow. You also get an iPod dock which you can plug into the TV to play songs off your iPod playlist or charge you iPod. It actually charges it up much faster than plugging it into a PC.

Various other features include parental locks, power save options, 1 HD component video input for your games or DVD/Blue-ray player, & it can even be used as a monitor for your computer.

I purchased this at PC Richards and after taxes it cost about $450. Its only available in their showroom however you can also find it at BestBuy or Amazon.

The TV I had prior to this was a 19" from the 90s. I was actually amazed at how big a 32" screen is, especially since the room I have it in is pretty small. You'll want to make sure you have enough space to be several feet away from the screen to get the best visual experience possible.

Panasonic Viera is the way to go. I give it 2 thumbs up. I've had it for over 2 months now.

Check out its page with specs at the PC Richard & Son site at http://www.pcrichard.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=76599&parentCategoryId=2&categoryId=40000&subCategoryId=40010