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Platinum Glycolic Facial Peel

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Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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After searching around online, I came across a site that advertised home facial peels. I was taken to a a well designed site that offers a big number of peeling/anti-aging products, advertised as being the same used in dermatologists offices across the country. well being curious I decided to test their products then share my findings with my readers.

Frankly I was troubled by the strengths of the acids being offered and also by the fact there was absolutely no screening for health issues that could impact the results. The strongest peel offered was a whopping 70% glycolic peel, more than 10 times those sold over the counter. I read the testimonials and experiences shared by clients, and was stunned to discover how many women were using these things regularly at home.

I ordered the 70% solution with no problems. It arrived in a small manila packet. Included were the toner and acid, plus a short sheet of instructions for use. Taking a deep breath, I cleansed my face and patted it thoroughly dry, then wiped a cotton ball saturated in toner to prep my face. Immediately it began stinging badly. Strange, since nothing had been mentioned on site or in their literature about the toner stinging like that.

Following the instructions I applied the acid to my face wetting it thoroughly. Within seconds the stinging began, and quickly became a nasty burn. I applied cold water to my face per the instructions and noticed the burning hadn't stopped. In fact it had increased to the point I was in tears. My left cheek area had a dark red scalded section, that over the next 24 hours got worse. It took two weeks for it to finally disappear.

In my opinion these products should not be offered to the public. They are unpredictable in the way they react on your skin. and if you have an autoimmune disorder, you should never use these products at all. Now they FINALLY have a very discreet warning on site about not using these if you have autoimmune problems. I was fortunate not to have been permanently scarred. Don't take chances on Platinum products. They're not worth the risk or the price.