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Play A Film Noir Movie In Max Payne 2!

Reviewing: Rockstar Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne  |  Rating:
By pato on
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Max Payne 2 is like playing a great film-noir movie. It's dark, depressing, foreboding, and lacks color. Add a ton of violence, cannon fodder and some cool Matrix inspired slow motion action and you have Max Payne 2. Beware, this game is not for kids.

The sequel to Max Payne starts where it's predecessor left off. Max is once again employed by the NYPD and must get to the bottom of a complex action packed story. Helped by the amazing bullet-time action and a great variety of weapons, Payne must dish out some lead to his many foes. A short but fun violence filled romp through the gritty New York criminal underground is the result.

Sure, the game is rather old and doesn't look as amazing as it did during its release. But if you can find it for cheap like I did (4.00 shipped from circuitcity.com) then it can certainly be worth it.

I had a great time playing it and found it to be quite violent. Which is a plus for degenerates like me! There's a huge selection of weapons and you'll get your fill of destruction. I also loved the bullet time abilities. The game is at its frenzied best when you can just fly out of a room in slow motion and cap three bad guys before you hit the floor. The cool physics engine means you'll get to see plenty of hilariously sprawled baddies once you off them too. And if you like bloody action, then you'll be in for some sweet gametime. There is nothing finer than seeing that red mist fly off your enemies!

All in all, a great game for a great price. If you never picked this one up during the early days of the PS2, then you owe it to yourself to experience some ol' ultra violence on Sony's small box.