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Play Station Portable

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By lockerz on
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Now the PSP is an innovative product, but Sony could have done better. The PSP is considered to be the grandfather of the modern era portable

gaming systems. Before it, was iPods and Gameboys, but they were 1 featured. iPods, before iTouch and iPhone, could only play music and gameboys only games, so Sony CEO's wanted to take both of those features and combine them. What they mad was the first PSP system which was capable of going online/surfing the web, playing music, watching videos, but those features were not the best that could have been put in and Sony suffered for that. For instance, surfing the web was limited to certain sites because the memory and processor was the second or third best they could have put I there. Although, there best attribute has to be the videos. The videos show up with a stunning display of vibrant color, backed by LED lights, with the perfect tints and shades for your favorite movies so it seems like your at home watching them on your flat screen T.V. at home ( if your wondering, I did make that up as in write it). Games are it's next quality feature although they do not have the best graphics, but good controls overall. Lastly, music, I actually don't know

about the music because the proccess of putting music on it is so complicated I have never been able to do it! Anyways, I hoped you like this review and please vote for me. Thanks for reading!!!