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Play The Guitar With Aerosmith!

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By mom2one on
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Attention Aerosmith fans: There is a new video game out there you must have, Guitar Hero Aerosmith.

This game just came out on June 29th, my son and I ran up to Target at 8:00am to be one of the first to have this game.

My son has all of the other Guitar Hero games and I have been known to play on them too, (OK I compete with my son a lot of the time on them.)

If you never played Guitar Hero, the general rules are you hit the colored notes on your guitar with the colored notes that scroll down the TV screen. Simple, right? (My husband says it isn't as simple as it looks or sounds!)

Just like in all other Guitar Heroes, the Aerosmith version has easy, medium, hard and expert level.

Now I am an Aerosmith fan, I think Steven Tyler has one of the best voices in rock n' roll. This video game is pretty much all Aerosmith. They have little interviews with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, etc about different times in their career. What is great is when you are playing an Aerosmith song, you have the band on screen in animation. It's a sight to see Steven Tyler singing in animation! LOL

How it works is in each section you have two "opening band" songs to perform and pass before you open the Aerosmith songs in that section. The opening bands are songs from Cheap Trick, Black Crows, The Kinks, Lenny Kravitz and more. It's a pretty good selection of songs.

After you pass the two opening numbers then you are asked if you want to bring on Aerosmith, of course you answer YES! Then you will have 2 Aerosmith songs and 1 Aerosmith encore song. There are 5 different section like this, if I am remembering it right.

I feel they put a good selection of Aerosmith songs on there, a mix of older and newer songs, you will play Sweet Emotion, Rag Doll, Livin' on the Edge, Draw the Line, Uncle Salty, Back in the Saddle, Dream On and more.

There is part in the game where you will have a guitar battle with Joe Perry himself! Let's just say he is pretty good so you have to be on your toes when battling him.

I love this game a lot. To be honest my son and I took turns playing with it the other day and we were on it for 3 hours!

We brought the Wii version of the game, they also have it for Playstation 2, Xbox and Playstation 3. You can even get a bundle pack and get a special Aerosmith guitar! We did not get the bundle pack because the guitar that came with guitar hero 3 works just fine.

My only disappointment was when I completed the whole level on medium I wanted more! LOL Guess I will have to brush up on my skills on the hard level now.