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Yudhi ArieBaskoro By Yudhi ArieBaskoro on
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In this Lite Review, I spend last few days with searching too many places with Google earth on my desk. Accidentally I found something that very interesting for me. I found some secret military base in the middle of nowhere. Before this I just now Area51 as US secret military base, but there is so much more secret military base you can find when you explore it with Google earth.

I do not know why Google earth takes this secret military base photograph. Take a look at this picture below; if Area51 is in the middle of Nevada desert, this Air base is located in the middle of big ocean. I think Google earth takes few picture until can display this detail of Air base. If you have a Google earth application on your desk, just search this location with “Johnston Atoll” you will know what I talk about.

Another example is “Midway Island” this secret military base also located in the middle of big ocean too.

Who have those secret military bases? I do not know exactly. For what purpose Area51, Johnston Atoll and midway island for? I do not know either. Why I write this article down? Just to expose my curiosity. I think so much people have their own experience with this great Google earth application. It help geologist explore and learn about our earth much easier. I think so much secret will be revealed soon with this feature, including military secret like Area51 too.