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Play Without The Hassle Of Wires

Reviewing: Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller  |  Rating:
By ladychai on
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I am not really much of an avid fan of video games but my brother is, so I bought him Xbox 360. Well, supposedly this console was for me it is expensive afterall but because I seldom used it my brother took the opportunity of borrowing it until finally it became his.

Everyday and every night he locks himself in his room and all we can hear are the sounds of fighting. When one of the controllers broke, with which until now I am still trying to figure out how he broke it but I do know he has a knack of destroying and trying to repair things in the house, he begged me to buy another one. I decided to buy a wireless controller and rechargeable batteries complete with charger instead, I figured that if I buy the wired one, for sure, it will be broken again.

The contoller has a wide range at 30ft and 2.4Giga Hertz.And when the battery is almost empty it will vibrate as warning. And you can connect up to 4 wireless controllers in the console so it is good.

What I like about this controller is the interface itself. For a lefty like me, the controller has innovative having a left and right shoulder buttons is a great idea, I do not have to adjust as I can do my left handed ways with this controller. My daughter can use it too and without the risk of dragging the console since as you know toddlers can be very curious they would want to do what adults are doing. When my brother feels like sharing the xbox360, I let my daughter hold the controller and to my surprise she can actually control the character we are playing. There were tmes when she dropped the controller and not a scratch was found even with the impact on the floor.

This is a wise investment too because, my mom used to wake me up in the morning with her loud yell trying to reprimand my brother to be worthwhile and not do any mess at the living room. Now that my brother keeps to himself most of the time inside his room, he won't do any mess at the living room anymore and thus no loud noises disturbing my sleep. heheh....