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Play Station 2's Drakengard

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By nickymittens on
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Let me start by saying Drakengard has a beautifully written story that will tug at your heart. From the moment you begin the game to the very end its just simply amazing. The graphics are nothing I tip my hat to, however I'm proud to say they are acceptable and complement the tragic mood quite well. In Combat you have the option of fighting on foot or in the air on the back of your dragon, you will have a max time of 1 hour to complete each mission, which seldomly presents a challange. If you dislike repetitive Combat then it will become quite boring, as it did for me, however the well written story is more than enough inspiration to get through the mission's.

The game's protagonists are Caim, his best friend Inuart, and their companions.The plot revolves around a war between the Union and the Empire in a somewhat altered medieval Earth. Every playable character makes a pact with a powerful beast, and pays a price for joining the pact. This concept in the Drakengard series is called "pact pricing." In the process of forging such a pact, humans are branded with a mark called a "pact emblem, " which appears on a part of their body associated with the price they pay - They either lose use of a physical attribute (Voice, Sight, etc.), or can lose 'intangible' attributes, such as one's joy, or ability to age.

Its rated M for a reason, it can get disturbing. There are many ways the game can end, optional characters to collect, scenes to see that you didn't witness in the first play through and secrets to unlock, making this a game that can be played over again and still be enjoyable.