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Play Station 3 Wireless Sizaxis Controller

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By harley on
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The Wireless Sixaxis Contoller looks an awful lot like ny old wired Playstation's controllers - the one that came with my Playstaion 3. The shape is the same, the buttons are the same, and at first glance, you'd think it was the original. Once you pick up the Sixaxis, though, you know you have something very new and different in a game controller.

The first difference is in the weight of the controller. The Wireless Sixaxis is quite a bit lighter than the original controller! This is more than likely because as a result of a lawsuit, Sony removed the mechanism that caused the controller to rumble during certain games. The light weight does help your hands and wrists not get as tired during extended gaming sessions.

The battery has been hardwired into the controller, so there are no cords to get in your way! You plug the controller into the Playstation 3 with a USB cord in order to charge this battery. You can continue to use the controller while it is charging, which is a nice feature. You won't be hooked up long, however, as the battery charges pretty fast. Once charged, the battery can be used for several weeks without being charged again. The battery life is furthur extended by the controller's automatic turnoff whenever the PS3 is turned off. The PS3 will warn you when a battery is getting low with a message in the top right corner of your tv screen.

You can sit up to 35-40 feet away from the PS3, and the controller works great! The only bad thing I can say about it is that the USB cable for charging it has to be purchased seperately, and costs an additional $10. I think a controller that costs as much as this one should have the cord included for free!