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Playstation Portable Psp

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The Playstation Portable (PSP) is a must have for any gaming person. It's games are one of a kind, allowing any gamer to play and have fun for hours! It has a wide selection of games and more can be downloaded to the memory stick duo via the playstation store. The PSP isn't just for games though. With the latest hardware and software, you can take and view pictures and videos, listen to music, talk to friends around the world via Skype, browse the internet, watch TV via Location Free Player, add themes to change the look, and so much more! With the PSP, I have fallen asleep listening to the music on it (about 350 songs for me) and it still had enough battery life for me to take a shower listening to some more! The memory stick comes in sizes ranging from 32 MB to 16 GB; just enough to hold all of your game saves, or enough to hold songs and videos for trips on end without getting bored! The PSP system can connect to a computer to add more songs, videos, themes, pictures/photos, and games, but it can also connect to the PS3 for Remote Play!

There have been only a few downsides that I have noticed for the PSP. One of them is the slow memory for internet connections. Blazing fast connections seem just as slow as dial-up on the PSP sometimes. Also, the PSP doesn' have enough cache memory for some web pages. A third downfall is no youtube on the PSP. Even with these downsides, the PSP makes up for it with its awesome games and features!

The PSPs accessories are wide and varying. There are music remotes, headsets, carrying cases, screen protectors, and even a camera!

For all of you out there considering buying a PSP, it is one of the few great portable devices that I have bought in my life! I have looked for many different potable devices that can match up to the PSP, and have found that only the iPod touch can even come close! Paying $170 for a PSP over a $250 iPod seemed just better for me. I hope that you will get a PSP, for it is a MUST HAVE!