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Playstation Portable: Sony's Baby

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By billgates100 on
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Sony’s Playstation Portable debuted in 2005 was expected to be the rival against Nintendo’s Nintendo DS, the Psp featured digital audio and video, an advantage the classic cartridge design of Nintendo’s hand held systems. Each universal media cartridge was roughly three inches and its disk was protected with a hard clear plastic which protects most of the PSP’s library. With the announce of digital video movies and television shows were made PSP compatible, some entertainment packs had Superbad. The overall aspect was astatically pleasing, a moderately large screen to play games on and a good library games but a large concern involving the PSP’s library of games were that the graphics weren’t much of a show off to the DS as even though these cartridge games were not as good graphics they had great controls, plots and addicting levels which made it interactive and fun.

Sony brought classic characters like Jack and Dextar, Ratchet and Clank, and resistance on the psp to show off its capabilities but I felt the playstation 2 made better games then this overpriced game system. The control when playing on a PSP are stiff and feels bad that with inactivity the d-pad stiffens and has to be pressed repeatedly to end the clicking noise when using it.

Besides its game library it offers wi-fi access, a great incentive that is free; the browser system is tedious and boring. To enter a simple URL like google is hard when using a keyboard like those on a phone sending a text message. Its battery life is okay but on game sessions throughout a car session can end with a sudden stop of motion unless you own a car charger. Also you lose game data unless you own a memory stick, it Doesn’t come with the package; I haven’t needed to buy one in five years so the day I bought a PSP I forgot I needed a memory stick so any video game session I had would be completely useless.

All in all I felt there is need for improvement in the handheld video game industry, they need less eye straining colors and motions and a easier feel before I will buy myself another system.