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Playstation V1 Review

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By kyrelth on
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A kids portable video game system seems an odd thing for a 30 year old man to own. That is until you realize this system is so much more than video games. It has a built in web browser, with onboard WI-FI, video capability, picture slide show and more.

The web browser is a bit difficult to use given the PSP's lack of a keyboard, and I'm just not talented enough to use its cell phone like key setup. However, it works in a pinch or when really bored sitting in an airport.

Everyone knows about the PSP movies that you can buy, but its always struck me as a tad ridiculous to pay another 15 bucks for a movie can only watch on the psp. So I was pleasantly surprised that using the media manager (another $30) and its USB cable, you can load your own video clips on it. Depending on the size of the memory card you have installed, it can hold ALOT of video. Using the same method you can load pictures on to it and play them in a little slide show. Great for carrying around a bunch of pictures to show the grandparents of the little one.

There always seem to be plenty of games available for the PSP, in a variety of genres, but then, I dont use it very much for the games, more for the other features. I understand the new version includes A/V outs, which makes this already great product even better.