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Please Take My Money!!

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Everyone needs to do banking at one place or another. I would highly recommend a credit union and the one we bank at is Lake Michigan Credit Union where we have been a member for over 30 years.

We mainly use this for our checking and savings account since some of our checks are direct deposit. There is a convenient location near our home and my workplace when I need to deposit my paycheck. Hopefully my employer will switch to direct deposit soon.

Our checking account earns interest, there is unlimited check writing, there is no per check or monthly fee of any kind. There is free online banking (which I use daily) and free phone banking. As I mentioned there is direct deposit with free automatic transfers between accounts and members.

There is free online bill pay when you use direct deposit and free 24 hour access to my funds though conveniently located ATM's or use of a debit card.

Another great service that I have is Max Checking. This is free and does not require a minimum balance. I earn interest on the money in my checking account, eliminates up to $15 per month in surcharge fees if I use an ATM other than my credit union. I also get free traveler's checks when I need them for a trip.

You can have multiple savings accounts for different purposes. I use one for general, unexpected household expenses, taxes and of course, vacation!!

My debit card is protected with fraud protection which I have had to use once already when my account number was hacked into from on online purchase. It had nothing to do with the credit union but one call to them and they had me come in, fill out paperwork and I had the money deposited back into my account within a few days. Of course, then the hastle of getting this debit card cancelled and a new one issued. This was all handled within a matter of minutes with a phone call to customer service.

With my daughters living in Florida but still having their bank accounts active at this credit unon, I can transfer money into their account if needed which they can then access with their debit card. This has been a great help on more than a few occasions and only takes less than a minute to do.

The staff here is helpful and friendly whenever I need to stop in or call with a question. If I go out of town I always inform them so they will be on the lookout for any unusual purchases. I have only good things to say about this credit union so I hope there is one near you!