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Pledge Multi Surface Duster

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By victoria_trix on
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Just like many other woman in the world I hate housework, I just can't seem to find pleasure in it no matter how hard I try. One thing I hate the most is dusting, I used to avoid dusting until the dust was so thick I could write notes in it to others in my family or play tic tac toe in it with one of the children. That all changed when I found the Pledge Multi Surface Duster in the cleaning isle at my local super market and thought I would give it a try.

The Pledge Multi Surface Duster retails for around $5 and in my opinion is worth every dollar. The Pledge Multi Surface Duster is a hand held item that has a replaceable disposable duster that once you use it, just toss it in the trash. There is nothing to wash or clean. The next time you use the Pledge Multi Surface Duster you put a new disposable dusting cloth on it and your all set to dust. The Pledge Multi Surface duster all has a .08 fluid ounce bottle of Pledge Multi Surface Spray. The small bottle of spray fits inside the bottom of the Pledge Multi Surface Duster and is conveniently located for quick and easy spraying while you dust. The Pledge Multi Surface Spray is safe for use on wood surfaces, metal surfaces and even on electronics. Basically, you can use it on any surface in your home.

I have found that for very dusty areas I like to spray the actual duster instead of spraying the dusty area. It seems to pick up the dust easier and without leaving any thing behind. I also suggest doing the same thing when dusting off your television screen or mirrored surfaces. I love using the Pledge Multi Surface Duster since it is thin and easily goes into those hard to reach places that you can't get to with a regular dusting clothe.

I did however have a difficult time finding the Pledge Multi Surface Spray in the small .08 fluid ounce bottle when I need to replace it, but I did find it in a larger spray bottle. The large spray bottle retails for $3 and if great for filling up the small spray bottle used for the Pledge Multi Surface Duster.

I still can't say I enjoy dusting but I can say I do find it a lot easier to do with the Pledge Duster Multi Surface Duster. I no longer wait for the dust to grow so thick you think everything in my hold is white. The Pledge Multi Surface Duster is a great product and for the low cost of $5 I will continue to purchase and use it often.