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Pledge Multi Surface...Well Almost

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My family hates to see family events such as weddings, births, anniversaries come along, particularly if that means we'll be having out of town guests. It must be a 'mom' thing but for some reason the house just has to be uber spotless when people visit and because I hate to do things more than a few times, I usually depend on heavy duty, multi purpose cleaners in cases like this.

Enter Pledge Multi-surface Spray cleaner. This product is truly perfect for my little frenzied cleaning sprees, so much so that I may just use it a lot more frequently because it simply does do many, many cleaning chores.

To test this cleaner out I did something I normally never like to do...I left the kitchen a disaster zone! After my husband makes his ever so famous Spaghetti dinners, I'm usually left to clean up the spills, splatters, drops and well...huge mess. He's really not the neatest cook in the house that's for certain.

After a good 12 hours of sitting, I decided that tackling the messiest zone in the kitchen would be a good place to start with the Pledge Multi-surface. If it could clean my ceramic cook top stove easily, I may just have a winner. After spraying the multi-surface onto the stove top I used nothing more than a paper towel and after wiping the surface just once I was able to see a huge difference...no streaks, no left over stick ons, even the splatters from the spaghetti boiling came off effortlessly. I was indeed impressed!

Next on the list was our microwave. Now, again, we're talking a little on the grungy side. The kids had nuked some pizza pockets last evening along with some Pogo's (Corn dogs) and there was even some spaghetti sauce splashed in there as well I'm sure. This time however I decided to see if adding some of the multi surface cleaner to a bowl of water then nuking it for a few minutes would do anything.

Again, I'm pleased to report that the microwave cleaned up in record time, including the glass that revolves where most of the build up of left over food including cheese was. Onward ho then, this cleanup was actually working out quite well and going really quickly...always a bonus in my books. Windows were next as well as mirrors. I wasn't quite as impressed here. Even though the product label indicates it's great for these leaving a streak free shine, I didn't quite get that on the first try. It left streaks were there hadn't been any previously and the windows and mirrors weren't even all that dirty. So as a glass cleaner I'd probably stick with my tried and true cleaner rather than switch to this one.

As for the Stainless steel dishwasher...it did a great job. I was very hesitant to use it on anything electronic but decided that they'd made the claim it worked on them so I needed to at least give it a go...one for the Gipper so to speak. Rather than try it on my laptop which right now I don't like very much anyway, I had a momentary lapse of judgment and used it on our brand new HD big screen tv. I sprayed the cleaner onto the soft cloth first though rather than directly onto the screen (didn't drop all my marbles in the mud!) and after the first wipe I realized that perhaps I was doing a very stupid thing. Fortunately, the multi surface cleaner didn't create any problem on the screen which I am very grateful for and it actually did pick up the dust very well and didn't leave any tell tale signs behind. Impressed me again, thank goodness.

Fingerprints or marks on walls? Got it. Heel mark on the wood floor? Got it. Dust off the banisters up and downstairs? Got it. Overall, I think this product is deserving of it's title as a Multi surface cleaner. It definitely made cleaning my home today pretty much a one bottle chore. Tomorrow I'll be tackling all the baths...oh joy, but I think that with today's performance, I will use the Multi surface again and given that it didn't really let me down ...tomorrow should be just as easy a cleaning day as today was. I'd purchase this again and perhaps next time I may also go for the moisture wipes that are also available.

You do want to ensure that you don't use this particular cleaner on anything unsealed (ie wood, granite, marble), I'm not certain that it would damage these materials but the warning is there and I'd personally heed it just to be safe.

In my view, a good product that does what it says it will with the exception of the windows and mirrors, but then if you don't mind doing those a 2nd time to ensure they are truly streakfree, you may like this product for them as well. I just have too many of those to do once let alone twice in a cleaning session.