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Plump Potion: Take It Or Leave It?

Reviewing: Physicians Formula/ Plump Potion Needle Free Lip Plumping Cocktail: Pink Potion  |  Rating:
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Plump Potion lip gloss tempts the shopper with its "Physicians Formula" claim; however, if you're expecting your lips to plump up noticeably, think again; this "potion" does nothing to truly alter the state of your lips.

I chose the "Pink Potion" color and was distracted by the smell the minute I put it on my lips. Though it claims to be "fragrance free", it carries with it a distinct scent that immediately made me think of my cousin (who I since have learned wears the gloss). It's not a horrible smell, but it is strong and other people will notice it.

The second thing I detected was that it made my lips tingle, sort of reminding me of the feeling of Carmex or the after-effect of Noxema. I am sure this sensation is meant to lead one to believe their lips are puffing up, but such is not the case. My lips stay the same size as always when I wear this gloss, though the light color does augment their appearance a bit, just like any pink-colored lip gloss will do. If you're looking to actually plump up your lips, you might look to botox; Plump Potion by Physicians Formula will not do the trick.

Another downside to this product is the sticky residue it leaves. I cannot kiss my husband or son without leaving a gooey trace of my gloss behind. The thickness of it probably contributes to the illusion that it is making lips plumper, but instead it is just making it harder for its wearers to kiss those they love.

I kind of like this gloss, but mainly because I like the color I chose and I like how the smell reminds me of my cousin, who I miss. The gloss in and of itself is nothing special and you are probably better off not paying the steep price when any pretty-colored lip gloss will do just fine.