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Poach Pods For Perfect Poached Eggs

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Tina Lehman By Tina Lehman on
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Poach Pods are small cups made of silicon. You simply crack an egg into one and float it atop boiling water and voila, within minutes you have a poached egg.

My husband loves poached eggs and they really make a mess. I've tried other gadgets, and was really pleased to finally find something that worked well without the mess. When you are finished poaching, the inside of your pot has no egg white in it, although it is important to lightly spray the inside of your pods with a nonstick spray because they do tend to stick a bit to the pod otherwise.

The Poach Pods are easy to clean (especially when you spray them first) and easy to store. You can also use them for making other things like custards, but I've never tried this.

My only complaint about the Poach Pods is that they are hard to remove from the boiling water without burning yourself. Depending on whether you add the egg to the Poach Pod before or after you put it in the water it takes a bit of practice to either A) put the egg-filled poach pod into the pot of water or B) crack the egg into the already floating poach pod. They are also a little pricey- but if you like poached eggs you will not be sorry!