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Pocket Chain Saw Handy, Strong, Useful

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The Pocket Chain Saw is a chain saw in a can with two handles. You supply the power. One person or two.

The saw consists of a linked chain blade which rolls up for storage in the can, or opens for use as a saw, and two handles attached to hooks by a cord. You unroll the blade (carefully!), hook on the handles and you are ready to go.

If you are alone, wrap the saw around the branch or log you want to cut and alternately pull each end toward you. You can cut up to 8" logs with it if you are able to position yourself so that the saw does not bind. It is harder to do this alone since the only way for one person to operate it is to wrap the blade.

With two people, you can use it in a slightly straighter configuration, and you have more options for making undercuts to prevent binding.

However, If you are clearing a trail in the woods, gathering firewood, or cutting brush in a situation where you need to carry everything in on your back, this is the perfect solution.

It’s probably not for backpacking trips. It weighs in at 6.8 ounces. But if you know you might need to do some serious clearing at a backcountry site, you might be willing to carry it instead of a long, awkward to pack, bow saw.

I’ve used it a number of times, and it will definitely give you a workout, but it will do the job. Like any chain saw blade, keep it clean and coat lightly with oil for storage. You will need to supply some small storage bag to keep the handles with the can.

You can see a video demonstration of the saw in use at Supreme Products