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Pocket Gym Rope

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I first learnt about this Pocket gym rope in the year 1994 in one of the telemarketing shows on TV. I was quite impressed. At that time, the cost was Rs.99/- only. But it did not tempt me enough to buy one, and I was quite satisfied with my weight. But then, after about 10 years, I decided to buy it, as I needed it now. The price rose to Rs.275/-, with free home delivery.

The product was so simple, yet so effective. It was just two pieces of ropes, connected to a pulley each. The pulleys, in turn, connect to a single piece of rope via a V-shaped steel rod. That piece of rope was to be tied to the window. The two ropes had plastic loops at their ends. A single loop for hand at one end and double loop for locking the ankle and foot at the other. All I had to do is to insert my foot and pull across the ankle and lock it, take the "Hand-loop" in my hand and start exercising.

The salesman demonstrated all the types of exercising I could do - Walking, cycling, and more. I spent about 15 minutes every morning with it, preceeded by some warming up. It worked wonders in my weight (combined with oi-free diet). The concept is simple and the result is the best.

Only problem was the wear and tear. The rope is made of nylon and when it moves across the pulley, the friction results in damaging the rope after a while. If something can be done for this, nothing can beat it.