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Pod Xt Review

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The PODxt is another great product from Line 6 that builds on their amp modeling expertise. I've reviewed the Line 6 Guitar port and that product is great, but the PODxt goes much further. Like the Guitaport, the PODxt models several popular amps, stomp boxes and studio effects. It also can be used as a digital recording device, has a built-in tuner and metronome. So how is this device different from the guitar port? Well it has more than double the amps, cabs, stomp boxes and studio effects, it does not require the use of a computer to use, it has microphone models and you can use 8 simultaneous effects. The PODxt also has the ability of stereo output. Finally, you can connect foot pedals to the PODxt that let you control it from your feet.


Since the PODxt is not required to be connected to a computer, setup is a bit simpler than the guitar port. First you plug the PODxt into the wall for power. Now instead of plugging your guitar into an amp, you plug your guitar into the “guitar in” slot. Now you will need an extra guitar cable. With this extra cable, you plug in one side of the cable to the "Left" or "Right" output slot of the PODxt. The other side of the cable connects to where you would plug your guitar into your amp. All that's left is to turn on the PODxt and start playing.

Now if you want to get the most out of your PODxt, you will want to connect it to your computer. By doing this, you can create custom presets and save them on your PODxt. You can also do some digital recording. It is also a bit easier to control the PODxt from your computer. To connect the PODxt to the computer you will have to connect it the same way as explained before with the added steps of installing the software CD onto your computer, and then connecting the PODxt to the computer with a USB cable. Then you can bring up the Gearbox software to control the PODxt.

Software and Usability

The Gearbox software is used in exactly the same way as the GuitarPort. You have the amp and its knobs on the top row. Below the amp, you have the stomp boxes and special effects, and below this are the preset listings. The Gearbox presets are on the left and the PODxt built-in presets are in right side. When you are creating your own custom preset, there are buttons in the middle that will let you transfer over the preset to your PODxt. The software is all visual and controlled through the mouse, so it's very easy to use.

There is another piece of software called Line 6 Monkey. This software is only used to update the firmware on your PODxt.

Using the PODxt without a computer takes a while to get used. The amp controls are toward the top. These are the knobs that you will see in almost every amp (Drive, Treble, Bass, Middle, etc). There is a small LCD screen that tells you see what preset, amp and special effects you have selected. On the left of the screen there is the preset selection knob. To the right of the screen there is the special effects tweak knob. Right above the LCD screen there are buttons to enable or disable certain effects. Going further down below the LCD screen, there are two knobs on the left and right hand side of the PODxt. On the left of the is the AMP selection knob. To the right is the special effects knob.

To switch between different presets quickly you can purchase either the FBV or FBV Express pedals. These pedals allow you to use your feet to quickly change presets. They also have an expression pedal will allow you to control volume, wah and other effects levels.

Sound Quality

Sound quality on the PODxt is amazing! It has presets for just about any type of music, from acoustic to heavy metal. Click on this link to hear samples of tones and effects that you can get out of the PODxt. http://line6.com/podxt/sounds.html

If you want a certain preset for a song you can visit Line 6’s www.customtone.com website for a list of preset for popular songs.


I would strongly recommend the PODxt, for those that want something a more professional than the GuitarPort. The sound is great and you can easily take with you to gigs without the need for a laptop. If you do this, it is advisable to have your presets stored and ready.


Great sound


Easy to use software

Lots of custom preset slots available

So many features


Could be easier to use when not plug to a PC

No Linux drivers available