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Pokemon 3: The Movie Dvd

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The third Pokemon movie continues the trend of high quality Pokemon movies. Molly, daughter of a renowned Pokemon archeologist, has stumbled upon the mysterious Pokemon aptly called Unown. With their power, they're able to grant any wish, and the one thing Molly wants more than anything else...is to have a complete family again. The newly-created Pokemon Entei kidnaps the protagonist Ash's mom and takes her to the newly formed crystal castle so that Molly can begin life anew with her...interesting new parents. Can Ash save his mom and stop the spell of the Unown from overtaking the world?

The horrible snapper case releases continue. Not much can be said about them, aside from the fact that they're still inconvinient and make the movies look needlessly ugly on a shelf.

Thankfully, special features are a step up from the previous release. Once again we get a full-length commentary from director Michael Haigney andproducer Norman Grossfeld. We also get a forgettable sneak peek at how the music video of To Know the Unknown was made, the Johto PokeRap featuring the 100 new Pokemon, and the bonus short Pikachu and Pichu, in which Pikachu, lost in the big city, must find his way home with the help of the bumbling Pichu Brothers.

Another decent release worth the price tag for the movie alone. The special features, few as they may be, are simply icing on the cake.