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Pokemon Diamond

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By Judith DaSilva on
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One of the greatest RPG's in the pokemon franchise. It has a great new look with the 3-D like facelift from the previous 2-D games on the GBA and on the GBC. Entire new set of pokemon bringing the total to 496 and the ability to upload the pokemon from Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Leaf Green, and Fire Red into your Diamond/Pearl is a great feature as well. Endless hours of gameplay totaling for me 140+ hours and still growing and WiFi gives it almost endless replay value.


Some graphics like from the berry trees have been recycled, but I think thats a good touch to bring back the old looks with a new 3-Dish look to them. The buildings have an odd kind of 3-D, but it really livens up the pokemon world and the colors everywhere makes it look so much more lively than the previous versions. With the Day into Night cycles it changes houses to turning on their house lights and lighting up the street lamps making it like another virtual world.


Great sounds from all the previous games. It re-uses the previous game's music, but re-done in a new format so it's more of a cleaner quality. Each pokemon has their own unique roars which is cool and in the Pokedex your able to even sound mix the roars to make them sound slower or faster.


--Many hours of gameplay, finally WiFi adding to re-play value and Sinnoh Underground adds more multiplayer activity's

--A lot more pokemon to catch and the ability to transfer from the GBA games is a great job as well.

--The new 3-D look is a nice facelift to the Pokemon Series RPG


--It's pokemon after awhile it does become boring if your not into the whole competitve part of it and completing every part of it.

Final Score: 4.5

Great game fun to play, but will get boring after the 100+ hours mark and it just becomes housework things that are left to do.