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Pokemon Pinball For Gameboy Colour

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By jessicaw on
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Gameboy has always had a lot of pinball games. But when pokemon and pinball come together, it makes a surprising outcome.

In Pokemon pinball, you need to get 150 different pokemon, while getting as much points as you can possibly get. There are bonuses (point bonuses and extra stage bonuses) and multipliers. There are two pinball courses to choose from, a red one and a blue one that you use a pokeball for the ball in. There is also a nifty feature of saving while in the middle of a pinball game!

The physics seem to be a bit unrealistic but not generally in a bad way since it helps with the versatility of the ball. The Tilt function doesn't seem to work all that well, and some people may disagree with how the tilt function is unlimited. Aside from that; the bonus stages are fun get-a-ways from the course that will earn you extra points and there are lots of "missions" to execute within the pinball course that there normally is, almost every second or third time you hit the ball with one of the flippers at the bottom you will initiate a mission someway by hitting or going through a certain spot in the course. All of the feel-good bonuses help your need to strive to the top of the preset high scores on both pinball courses.

There are a few eyecandies-and that's saying a lot for a Gameboy Colour game. The ball would upgrade and change into different colours depending on what your pokeball hits. The two courses are lively with moving pokemon characters that are integrated into be part of the course itself that you can hit to get points and other goodies off of.

The looping background music is greatly appreciated and never gets boring, and there are also sound effects for everything you touch-making pretty much everything on the screen pretty interactive.

The controls are editable so you can customize your play experience. The only noteworthy negative thing that comes to mind is the rumble feature; in which annoyingly nudges at you while you're trying to concentrate (and wastes your AAA battery). But the upside is that you can turn it off in the options menu.

If you want to get a vintage "cutesy" handheld game but don't want to be caught up in an RPG, get Pokemon Pinball.

Even if youdon't like pokemon, you will find it addicting as it is the most greatest pinball games to come out on a handheld.