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Pokemon: The First Movie Dvd

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Back when the Pokemon phenomeon was at its peak, we saw the release of Pokemon: The First Movie. How does the DVD stack up?

From the moment you pick up a copy, you'll probably be a little disappointed. Back then, WB loved using cheesy snapper cases made of cardboard. Not only were they much less durable than regular plastic cases, but they were also harder to open and looked a lot worse on display.

Still, don't be deterred. The DVD of the movie itself is quite good. The story features Mewtwo, the world's first bio-engineered Pokemon. Upon his creation, he begins to question his lot in life: why was he created? What is his purpose in life? Finally, he makes his own decision: strike back against his human creators and have Pokemon clones rule the world. Our heroes Ash, Misty, and Brock stumble upon Mewtwo's island lair, where the ultimate battle, Pokemon vs. clone, begins!

Special features are decent enough. We get a full length audio commentary by director Michael Haigney and producer Normal Grossfled, a rarity on DVDs of English dubbed anime. They divulge plenty of interesting information in the process of dubbing the movie from Japanese to English. We're also treated to the 30-minute mini-movie Pikachu's Vacation, a cute little short starring the Pokemon themselves. The Story of Mewtwo's Origin is an interesting little animated bit telling Mewtwo's dark origin. I assume it wasn't included in the theatrical run because it was too dark, possibly the darkest thing the Pokemon series has ever done. Other special features include a dull music video for M2M's song Don't Say You Love Me, the original theatrical trailer, and a preview of the second Pokemon movie.

Never judge a DVD by it's case. Pokemon: The First Movie is a high quality feature with enjoyable enough special features. Great for the Pokemon fan in your home!