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Pokemon: The Movie 2000

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The Pokemon Movie phenomenon continues with Pokemon: The Movie 2000, also known as The Power of One. A Pokemon collector disturbs the harmony of three islands, angering the three legendary Pokemon birds that live there: Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Soon, an all-out war between the three birds erupts, threatening to rock the Pokemon world to its core. Now, it's up to Ash, the chosen one, to recover the three stones of the islands and quell the fighting with the help of the fourth legendary bird Lugia.

Special features are quite scarce compared to the First Movie's DVD release. The main feature, if it can be called that, is the short Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, featuring Pikachu and his Pokemon pals on their quest to save their friend Togepi from danger. We also get a cute little featurette showing various singers working on the movie's soundtrack, the theatrical trailer, and a sneak peek of the third movie.

The movie is quite cheap to find nowdays. If you're looking for special features, you won't find much here, but the movie is worth the price alone.