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Pokmon Diamond

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Pokémon Diamond for the Nintendo DS was the reason I even bought a DS. The moment I heard this game was going to be for the ds only, I saved up and bought one. After I bought the ds, I still had to wait a while before Pokémon was released, but I still got some games for it to ease the wait. When Pokémon was finally released, boy was I excited! I went to get it the very first day. I got home and popped it in my ds and everything was good. I loved the 3D, and the new pokémon cries were all so cool. This is not the first pokémon game to have the pokémon have their own short animation movement when they first appear on screen, but even though I own one game from each generation, it's the first one to feature it that I've played, so I thought that was just so cool. The graphics were just so nice and it was so colorful.

Like the previous two generations of pokémon games, it has a clock feature that runs in real time allowing it to have events that would only happen on a certain day of the week, as well as make it more realistic by having some pokémon appearing at night, while others appear in the day. This alone however wasn't too attention grabbing, because as I said, this was included in past games. However, what was really great, was that UNLIKE the previous games, it would read off the DS's clock instead of its own. Now, you may be asking, "Well, what's so great about that?" Well, the Gold, Silver, Crystal and Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald did have their own clocks, it used a battery inside the cartridge to keep time. While the battery lasted long, it wasn't replaceable or rechargeable, and when it died, you'd be lucky if all that happened was that the timed events wouldn't happen, because later they came out with a simple way to fix this. However, if you were UNlucky, like me, it would make the game completely useless by not allowing it to save your game ever again. This problem is NOT fixable, and would leave you having all your hard work of raising and capturing pokémon out the window. Unable to trade your pokémon to other games and completely stuck with a now useless cartridge. However, this problem won't happen in Diamond and Pearl, because it doesn't have a battery, and it reads of the DS's clock, and the DS's battery is fortunately rechargeable. I honestly don't know what the people at Nintendo were thinking releasing a game with an unreplaceable unrechargeable battery.

Anyway, I continued playing it and continued loving it as well. Using the stylus to command attacks and a new organization of all the items in the bag made everything so much easier. Also, the stylus allowed for an interesting new way to find treasure. You'd go into an underground area and use the stylus to pick away at bits of the tunnel's walls to find treasure, as well as fossils of ancient pokémon that can be revived for you to use as your own! The goal of the main bad guys is pretty much recycled from the previous generation, but this isn't a major problem as there are a couple new spins on it.

Anyway, after all that greatness comes my favorite feature of the game. The game uses the Nintendo DS's wireless wi-fi abilities to allow you to trade and battle with other real pokémon players from around the world! This is by far my favorite feature, it just brings so many more pokémon players together than previously possible. It's amazing, but I wish they would abolish the friend code system. The friend code system is set up so you have to have someone else's code from their copy of the game in order to directly interact with them, meaning one on one trades and battles. I know it's to protect the kiddies from creeps, as you can voice chat with the players with the DS's microphone, but really, I doubt it does that much to protect the kids, and it badly limits who you can play with. It doesn't take much to figure that what should be done, is that there should be a room with other players so you can just walk up to anyone and play. Sure there's that chance that the little kids might meet a bad person, but really, the only way to eliminate all chances of that happening is to shut down the wi-fi system completely, and I don't see that happening any time soon.

All in all, this was a great game, and I recommend it to any old fans of the series, and even newcomers will probably enjoy this great game.