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Pokmon Ranger

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avatarfan By avatarfan on
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Pokémon Ranger for the Nintendo DS is a really nice game. There have been mentions and sightings of pokémon Rangers in the animé and games, and now you get to play as one! This game takes the old established series of pokémon games and puts a good fresh spin on it. I liked the whole thing. I love the new capture system. It's interesting and fun to use, and takes a but more speed and skill to use then the old pokéball system, but that just makes it more interesting.

What you do with the new capture system is, you take your stylus and you have to circle the pokémon a predetermined number of times to capture them. Sounds easy? Not quite. Your capture beam can be broken by a pokémon attack, or even if the creature touches the beam at all. IF the beam is broken you have to start over from circle number one, but if the beam is hit with an attack, your capturer loses power and once it loses all its power, it breaks. Of course it's fully reapairable!

Once you capture a pokemon (unless it's a boss or in a special game zone) it walks around with you and some of them have powers required for you to advance in the game, and some can even power up your capturer! Once you use a pokémon's services, it is automatically released. I just really love the new spin on everything. It's just so cool to see other ways that people in that world use pokémon. I definitely recommend this game to pokémon fans who own a DS