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Polarized Mp3 Sunglasses?

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A nice summer day…

Walking down the street…

A light breeze….

Cool sunglasses with music….

Yeah, that is what I envisioned for my son when I OK’d $30 plus shipping to an Ebay seller for what was described as “Polarized Sunglasses 1 GB Storage + MP3 Player.”

The sunglasses themselves weren’t bad looking. I ordered them in black. The frames are a lightweight matte plastic, that has a rolled look to it… as the plastic is rolled over from front to back to allow for the lenses to flip up. This is a nice feature so one can continue listening to music if they walk indoors or are going through a shady area and want to “remove” the sunglasses.

The sunglasses are pretty light. They have a straight end (no curves around the ears) that curves back for a snug but comfortable fit.

The lenses are clear but have a cheap look and feel to them. No where on the box or the manual could I find anything that states that the lenses are polarized. This was a big turn off for me as I feel that they are not polarized, as advertised. When I questioned the seller about this feature I was told that he did not know and if the boss says that they are polarized then they are polarized… Ummm, yeah, that’s an acceptable answer!

There is a thicker part of the sunglasses where the MP3 player and ear buds are attached. The MP3 player kind of looks like it is taped on with black electrical tape… It actually doesn’t look bad, but that is what it looked like to me. The ear buds look pretty nice. They fold in or down, so you can adjust how close you want them to your ear. They have the soft black covers included.

There were a few accessories included with the sunglasses, including a semi hard sunglasses pouch with a zippered top that is made to be carried on a belt. The inside of the pouch was hard and kind of scratchy, but there was a micro fiber cloth included that could be placed in such a way to protect the lenses. Also 2 chargers, one for home and one for the cigarette lighter, and a USB chord to plug the glasses into the computer.

The sound check was pretty impressive on the included song. I was pretty happy with that….

The MP3 is rechargeable and is supposed to last 12 hours. This I cannot verify… more on this later.

There is also a simple drag and drop feature allowing the user to just drag the songs that you want from your computer to the MP3 player while it is plugged into the computer. Really easy…

The only thing is that after dragging and dropping the songs onto the player, the only song that plays is the original one! Then it quit after listening to the song less than twice (I had listened when I first purchased it and then my excited son had listened to it after he received his gift).

After the poor response that I received by the seller regarding the polarization I was not going to chance an exchange on this product. I returned it and received most of my money back… The first time they gave me some of my money… then after several emails they paypal’ed me some more…They shorted me something like $5 of the shipping charge, which I felt I deserved since it was defective and I returned the defective unit to them (which is why I do not have a picture), but it just wasn’t worth the hassle for me to try and get all my money back…

While I see these glasses all over Ebay by various sellers, I ended up giving my son an ipod shuffle and a separate pair of sunglasses.

NOTE: The box and manual simply stated MP3 sunglasses… like a no name brand. Made in China.