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Polaroid 7 Digital Photo Frame

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I was brave enough to shop on Black Friday this year! After battling the mass of people I made my way to the electronics department and purchased two Polaroid 7" digital camera frames. Being a novice at this, I couldn't wait until I got home to see how it worked!

I quickly openend the box and dug out the frame. The frame is made of some sort of heavy-type plastic material, and it's not bad looking at all. It also has two other frames in different colors included. I searched for the manual and began to learn how to load pictures into my new digital frame. Much to my surprise the instuctions consisted of 5 pages! FIVE! The rest of the pages in the manual were in other languages, also consisting of about 5 pages for each one. The instructions were brief and not very informative for a beginner. It took me at least a half hour to find out where to insert my camera's memory card. I kept looking at the illustrations in the manual and all of the slots were labeled except one. None of the slots were wide enough for my camera's memory card! The box said it was compatible with almost all memory cards or sticks so how come mine wasn't fitting? By accident, I slipped it into the slot that wasn't labeled (in the manual) and viola! -it worked!! Now mind you, I didn't think that slot was for anything in particular since nothing was noted about it in the instructions! Hit and miss!

Now that I could view my photos I was thrilled! It's very cool to display all of your latest pictures without having to put a photo album on your coffee table, or clutter the shelves with a bunch of frames. The picutures are clear and detailed. This digital frame loads a jpeg format and you have the option to change the display from 'normal' to 'optimal'. The menu also lets you select a slide show (which is why I bought it), or a single photo. The 'folder' option lets you see all of the pictures at once so you know which pictures will play in your slide show.

If you choose the 'optimal' mode some of the pictures may be cut off a bit, especially the close up shots. Also, if you have a photo that was taken the "long" way and not the "wide" way, the photo will be stretched and distorted. There is a way to view photos the "long" way but you really can't mix the long and wide photos without one or the other being distorted. However in 'normal' mode all photos will play without distortion but the picture will be smaller.

I love the frame despite the measly instructions. Once you get your hands on it you should be able to figure it out. I purchased another one as a gift and am thinking about getting a smaller frame for my desk at work.