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Pollenex Air Cleaner Helps Me Breathe Easier

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Trying to live a healthy life can be a challenge. My husband and I are both non-smokers, but at one time, he worked in a very small office with a couple of very heavy smokers. He'd come home smelling like an ash tray with his head aching and his throat sore.

As we both wondered what the heavy amount of second hand smoke might be doing to him, we tried to figure out how to eliminate it. Short of quitting his job, there seemed to be no way around it.

One day while shopping at Walmart, I spotted an air cleaning machine. It was small enough to fit on a desk or on the floor. I wasn't sure it would help much, but figured any less smoke inhaled would have to be an improvement. It was worth a try.

My husband took his new air cleaner to work the next day. He took some teasing over it from the smokers, but held his ground. I can't say that it eliminated all traces of cigarettes on his body and clothes, but it definitely reduced it. His headaches weren't severe as often and his throat didn't bother him as much. The filter on the cleaner was constantly filthy, which backed up his complaint. If there's that much stuff in the air and it's that nasty looking, it can't be healthy.

He eventually left that job and no longer has a need for the air cleaner, but I developed allergies and began using it in our bedroom. It really was too small to do a lot in a big room, but the filter showed us it was making some difference. In later years, after being diagnosed with several allergies, including dust mites, I had to purchase a bigger machine. However, the little air cleaner has remained in use, though in a different capacity.

The fan has two speeds and the higher speed makes just enough noise to block out noises in the night. I now have the fan beside my bed and I no longer hear the neighbor's dog barking. The size of the fan is 8" x 8", which makes it lightweight and easy to take with me when I travel. When visiting a relative's home where there were trains passing nearby throughout the night, if I had the fan on, I'd sleep right through it. I carry it to hotels or anywhere I go.

This little fan has become a daily part of my life and it has helped both mine and my husband's health in various ways. First, by cutting back on the amount of smoke inhaled and second, by letting me sleep better. I definitely got my money's worth out of this purchase.