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Pond Clear Pore Strip

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Leo Choo By Leo Choo on
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Pond Clear Pore Strip is dip shaped to fit on your nose.Trying out it the first time after getting it from my firend, I find that it needed to be wet on the smooth side. So I lightly sweep my damped finger over the pore strip surface and apply it over my nose.As I find some bubble protruding in some of the areas, I try to flatten it by my fingers .I start at the bridge of the nose and slowly works towards the sides of my nose. It doesn't clear all the bubbles but do reduce the number of bubbles there.I guess this is what you get with "one size fit all" product.

Next, I waited for it to dry.After ten minutes passed, I can feel that the skin under the pores getting tight as though there are gums sticking on my skin.Now, come the painful part of peeling off the strip. It hurts terribly as I beginning to peel it off my skin as though I have applied super glue to it. I still can feel the stickiness it left on my nose even after rinsing it with water.Checking out the smooth surface of the strip against the backdrops of light, I can see fine hair standing up on the pore strips, in additions t o dirt, and whitish sebums.I guess those sebums are the blackheads that I have.

I don't know what they put in the product that makes it extremely sticky to your skin but you can be sure it will pull out more than just blackheads from your skin on your nose.Even though it has strong sticking power, it donot remove all my blackheads especially the larger one.Maybe I have to use a few strips to achieve 100% removal but then I think my nose skin will experience immense stinging and burning sensations as with one strip, I already develop red spot on certain parts of my nose the next day.Definitely this is not a product that I would continue to use or recommend to any other individual as I don't want you to have skin injury!