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Pop Pop.. Fizz Fizz... Into My Tub!

Reviewing: Two's Company Rose Scented Shimmering Bath Fizzers  |  Rating:
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It's taken me up until now to pop open the bag of this to try it out. It was from this past Valentine's Day. Frankly, I'm not sure what the hold up was, but here we are! I'm very particular about what I put in my baths. I don't use bubble bath because it tends to irritate me. I usually go for lavender essential oil or my all-time favorite bath bombs!

They are so much fun, very effervescent, fragrant and often turn your bath water a special color. They give me something to experience while I unwind. If I don't have a magazine to read while in the tub or something to watch, like the dissolving bomb, I get unbelievably bored.

These little ballet pink hearts are just like bath bombs.

Bath bombs really can come in any size and shape as long as they fizz up and dissolve. There are 12 hearts in the bag. Each one is individually shrink-wrapped. This seems like a great idea. It keeps each of the tablets safe and protected, but they were really hard to take out of that tightly-packed shrink wrap. I had to use my tweezer to tear a large enough hole into the plastic to remove it.

When I was trying to pry that heart out of its plastic casing, my hands got messy and light pink shimmery dust got allover them. At this point, I was ready to take my bath. I didn't know if they would smell too great. I smelled them while they were in the bag, and it wasn't a fresh, rose scent. It was a way too sweet, sickly, nauseating rose smell. It was the type of fragrance that makes someone hate roses.

I put one in my tub anyway, and as soon as it hit the water, it began dissolving. It didn't last long since it is small. Each heart is about 1.25" across. At first that gross smell was intense, but after the fizzer dissolved in the water, there was just a mellow rosy scent which I liked well enough.

The ingredients are standard for a bath bomb-esque product, for instance: citric acid. Nothing super special here. My water didn't turn pink, nor did I notice a lot of shimmer in the water. Maybe most of it was on my hands? I might need to use more than one heart per bath for more of an effect. Note: There's no lather in this product which was fine. I did not want lather.