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Pop That Bubble

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By ljohnson on
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"Can you catch a little bubble on your finger?" That's the beginning verse of bubble time at Gymboree, and the bubbles start flying! Once you do catch one on your finger, you realize that these aren't just any ordinary bubble, these are a lot higher quality.

I'm sure all of us have used regular bubbles, dug the wand out from inside the bubble container and turned everything into a sticky, soapy, messy mess. Guess what? You won't have to go through that with Gymboree Bubbles! These bubbles have the bubble container (looks like a regular bubble container), a tray to pour the bubbles in to, and a bubble wand that you blow in to, and with 5 small openings at the end, you blow a LOT of bubble with each blow. Plus, since you aren't dipping it into the container of bubbles, there is minimal dripping and related sticky mess.

This is perfect to play outside with children of all ages, who doesn't like to chase bubbles? And, the great thing about these bubbles is - they're more durable, so they don't pop as easily. When they do pop, you can actually see it * pop * and it leaves a residue, which is the only downside to these bubbles (and why I would recommend them as outdoor play only, you don't want to ruin any inside surfaces with these).

You just dip in the bottom of the wand into the tray of bubble solution and blow through the connected tube and you will get hundreds of perfect, uniform sized bubbles pouring out of the end. You can also put your mouth around the end of the wand and blow through it like a straw, you will still get the same result. I like using the wand this way to try and teach my son the concept of blowing out (instead of just sticking his bottom lip out and blowing up his nose!).

When you're all done with the bubbles, a quick rinse of the storage tray and want is all you need to do - the tray will actually house the bubble container, and there's a hole for the wand to sit in, also attached to the tray. This is super easy to set in a cupboard and keep ready to go for the next time you want to blow some bubbles!