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Popcorn Maker

Reviewing: I'm Not Sure The Popcorn Maker  |  Rating:
By MiniTk Kwan on
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I tested the popcorn maker about a few months ago and when i checked for uncooked kernels, there was not one to be found! Wow i thought. This is a great machine that makes decent popcorn and cooks every single kernel that it is given. My mum loved it, partly because she liked to have popcorn at certain times. Plus, cleaning the popcorn maker is very simple. You only need to clean one part. It is the cup that carries a decent amount of kernels and flavouring which you use to put the kernels into the cooker. It's very oily after a few times but very easy to clean.

The popcorn maker that i use its only a foot tall and about 15 centimetres wide. What happens during the cooking, the kernels will pop and jump higher and higher. When it reaches the top, there is a hole at the top where it allows all the popcorn to come out. Thats when you have a bowl in front of the hole and wait. All you have to do is wait and once the cooking has stopped, turn off the power and then tip the maker into the bowl to get any surviving popcorn out.

Great machine. Personally i wish i had one for myself. It dosen't cost a lot and does so much to make sure you get tasty popcorn. An enjoyable treat that you can have for such little work involved. (Yummy Popcorn :) )