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Popeye! Popeye Review

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In this adventure, you control Popeye and win by gathering whatever Olive is throwing at you. Whether it be hearts or musical notes. Once these settle at the bottom of the sea and break, you lose. You also lose by getting clobbered by Brutus or getting hit by the Sea Hag’s projectiles.

There are objects in the game such as the bucket in the first stage to neutralize Brutus. You also have your trusty can of spinach to make him fly all over the place.

After completing a cycle of stages, the game basically repeats itself albeit at a harder setting.

The Verdict

Popeye is a very fun and challenging game. You not only have to contend with Brutus but some obstacles in the stage as well. One thing that didn’t please me was the games repetitiveness. After a cycle of stages, you have to repeat everything again. I guess many of the games in the 1980’s were like this. The goal back then was to either finish the game if it had an ending or get the highest score possible.

The music was pretty decent and tried to replicate Popeye’s signature music. Considering it was merely an 8-bit machine, the music was pretty good.