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Poppin' Mad Popcorn Popper

Reviewing: West Bend And Toastmaster Poppery Ii  |  Rating:
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This is our psycho hot air popcorn popper. It typically gathers terrible reviews, but we love it. It has popped more corn than I care to admit and has never let us down.

Ours was made by West Bend and answers to the name Poppery II. We don't ask what happened to Poppery I. Later, this model bore the name of Toastmaster. They may continue to slap new brand names on it, but there's no hiding that funny little physique.

The design is not the greatest, but we have learned to live with it's quirks. All adoration aside, I do not recommend this popcorn maker.

When this corn popper reaches it's peak popping phase, it will shoot out popcorn all over the kitchen. What we do to avoid this, is use an extremely wide bowl and drape a kitchen towel around the bowl leading up to the tunnel, sort of like a popcorn sauna.

Many kernals are left unpopped, so we quickly transfer the popped kernals to another bowl, scoop up the unpopped kernals, and put them back into the popper for round 2, oh, and sometimes round 3. We have to do this rather quickly and the kernals are very hot. Did I mention there is no on/off switch? Just pull that plug right out of the wall and the madness ends.

I think the designers were a bit delusional when they put that nifty little butter melting tray on the top of this corn popper. We never use the tray. It would be too messy, and besides, your popcorn would be long gone by the time the butter up there melted. Nope, we just nuke the butter in our special butter melting cup and everyone's happy.

I guess somewhere during our popping past, a mishap occured and a front portion of the amber plastic melted. You can see it in the photo. Don't know how it happened, no one is owning up to it, but did that stop our popper from working? Heck no.

I do not like microwave popcorn. To me, there is something very phoney tasting about it. Some family members (traitors) love it. I love hotair popcorn. I can eat it plain for a nice lower calorie treat, or salt it lightly and pour real butter over it. Grab a good movie and you're all set.

Not many people would put up with our hot air popper, but we have nothing better to compare it to, so we live in ignorant bliss. We plan to use this popcorn maker until it pops out it's last kernal. But I still don't recommend it.