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Popular Science: The Future Now

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I've been trying a number of different magazines. With this magazine I'm trying to broaden my knowledge of things, all things science and beyond. Another Bonnier publication, Popular Science is a pretty good source for basic tech knowledge on interesting new inventions, gadgets, and future prospects.

The magazines articles are well put together however they are short, too short if you ask me. I should expect this as we are a part of a fast paced world and every one wants quick and easy.

Many products are featured throughout the magazine along with short descriptions, pricing, and direction to purchase. This is a part of the aura of Popular Science and should be expected. If you're a gadget collector, then this magazine will certainly help you get what you need.

One interesting thing I found, and really liked, about Popular Science was the ads. This is only one example, but there was an ad for The Discovery Channel Storm Chasers. The ad was there with channel and time information but the next page offered much more. There was a breakdown and education about the Storm Chaser machine. This was pretty neat and really makes the ads unlike ads.

Overall I like Popular Science The Future Now. I like how the technical aspects are presented in layman's terms. I enjoyed a lot of the ads. Bonnier has a winner here.