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Our son gave this DVD player to my husband about 4 years ago for Father's Day. My husband was working in a job where they would watch movies at lunch time, so this came in quite handy.

Well, over the past few weeks, we have been using this DVD player by connecting it to a screen projection for our evening classes. It's wonderful and we can even hook up an external speaker system so everyone can hear and see the DVD with no problem. This was a great substitute instead of using a laptop to play the DVD.

The only request my husband had was that he wished there was a MUTE button on the remote, but instead he can pause or stop the DVD. The remote fits in the palm of your hand.

The picture clarity is very clear and the player comes with it's own black canvas bag that also has velcro straps so you can hang it on the back of a car head rest. The built-in ESP function keeps the DVD from skipping if you are on a bumpy road. It makes for great entertainment on long trips and is great for little kids when they sit in the back seat during car rides. It has clear and pretty loud built-in speakers.

The screen can rotate all the way around and is a nice 7". The headphone splitter included lets two people listen at the same time, if you want to listen with headphones.

This player plays DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, and also allows you to view pictures on JPEG and MPEG2 discs.

It also comes with 30 basic video games like driving, motorcylce games, etc. - that was from my husband (thanks). He's not into games so he really didn't recall the games.

I know our son purchased this at Wal-Mart for just under $200 and it was the first big ticket item he purchased with his paycheck.

I have seen some reviews saying the screen went black but we've had this for 4 years and not had any problems. So I think those that got poor reviews were just lemons and that happens all the time with technology.

I would not recommend watching movies while you drive and only recommend using this for back seat passengers or once you get to a hotel or campground site.

Update On May 26, 2010: We are heading to see family in Georgia this weekend. It will be a pretty quick trip but we'll be bringing this DVD player since we'll have 3 of us in the car this time. My husband is planning on watching Avatar on the road while I drive. He and my sister will have a blast I am sure.