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Portable Toothbrush Wisp

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I purchased a box of Colgate Cinnamint Mini-Brushes with the freshening toothpaste gel bead from Wal-Mart. You can purchase these normally for around $2.99 per pack or a box of 16 count for around $16. They are available pretty much everywhere these days.

I first saw these tooth brushes to go when my pastor's wife pulled them out for a lady who asked for one. She's always up on the newest inventions and even though it took me several months to get some, I always carry these with me now, whereever I go.

Colgate makes these travel toothbrushes available in several flavors - Cinnamon (Cinnamint), Spearmint and Peppermint - all the traditional flavors you'd look for in a toothpaste/gel.

They are packaged in sets of 4, and as you will see in the photo, this 4 pack is actually 2/ 2-packs. On the back side, there is a foil paper with a pull tab and each brush is separated, so you don't need to open both brushes at once. The 4 count package does break apart so you can carry only 2, if you desire.

These mini-brushes are designed to be used without water and without a need to rinse. You just open the package, and brush away. The gel is that dot in the center of the brush you see in the pictures. I included the front and pack of the packaging so you could see the 4 brushes. I still do have a little problem after using them because I am so used to rinsing after brushing and being told to NOT swallow toothpaste. But this is just a tiny dot of the gel and it really isn't necessary to rinse. So this is great when you are travelling or even after lunch at work. They are pretty discreet too, I think.

I prefer the Cinnamint, to the other flavors, but you do have a choice.

It is funny to see your friend's reactions when you pull one of these out. It always gets a laugh and then you hear, "Can I have one"? I think I might carry extras and charge at least a $1, so I can get some money back from those "friends" who never consider buying their own.

The price is high and I consider it a novelty item, but it is toothgel and it does allow you to brush those teeth when needed.

The ingredients are: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Flavor, Gelatin, Alcohol, Sucralose, Fd&c Red No. 40 Sugar Free.

I do not see any information regarding flouride, so I'd imagine there isn't any and not like it'd matter, since the amount of gel is very minimal.

But they still are great for their purpose and I never leave home without them. But leave them in the package until ready to use, or you risk the gel and brush becoming contaminated, which you don't want.

Update On Mar 24, 2010: I can't say enough about these pocket toothbrush/toothpaste Wisp brushes. They really do the job when you are on the road, at work or just out shopping. So much better than chewing on gum because your teeth are really clean and brushed.