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Portfolio Replacement Lampshade Classic And Affordable

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Portfolio lamp shade with light on

I recently cleaned and repaired an old lamp, and it also needed a new shade. I looked for one at several places and finally settled on this natural-hued linen lamp shade from Lowes.

Refurbishing a Vintage Lamp is an easy project if the lamp is in basic good shape. But, of course, the shade is the first thing that people will notice about any lamp, so I wanted to get one that looked nice and fit with my decor (ha! Do I have decor?). Well, it needed to be simple, classic and unobtrusive. I confess that I had an idea in my head of the way it should look because somewhere I should still have the frame for the original shade from this lamp, which could be recovered. But I could not find that.

As it turned out, finding a shade that was large enough in both diameter and length was the issue. I could find some long cylinders, but they seemed too long, proportionally for the lamp. If they were shorter, they were too small in diameter. However, I did find this Portfolio lamp shade. It has an inside diameter of 10" at the top and 15" at the bottom, making it slightly flared. The length is 11". They are calling this a Medium size shade. I would be happier if the length were more like 13", but it’s ok.

The shade has a wire frame with three struts coming from the central hub. No hardware comes with this lamp. For me, it just needed to sit on top of the globe, but if you were putting it on a lamp with a harp, you might need a new nut.

The linen fabric is a natural ecru color, very subtle. The seam shows wide and dark when the lamp is on, but I try to keep this turned to the back. The shade liner is a semi-rigid white plastic and the seam on it is aligned with the fabric seam, so at least you don’t get two shadow lines.

It nicely directs the light to my reading chair, which was the whole point. I was tired of reading in the dark. For $14.95, I’m satisfied.

Made in China