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Portrait Oil Painting From A Photo

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Photo to follow as soon as I can find the USB cable for my daughters camera :)

Several years ago I became involved in a business that I thought was an incredible idea - an artist located in Southern Ontario hired other painters and together they would create beautiful oil portraits of people using their photographs as reference. Any one could have a portrait of themselves or their loved ones painted and the prices were very reasonable.

I own three of these paintings, one is of our oldest daughter at the tender age of 18 months dressed in an adorable little pink dress, the other is of my husband and I on our wedding day and the third is of a family pet who disappeared one day when someone 'dog-napped' her from our yard. Each of these beautiful paintings hold a special meaning for me in my life and my only regret is that I was not able to get more done for my other children. That task will now become part of my "to do" list and hopefully I'll be able to capture the same incredible essence that these three artists captured for me in these beautiful paintings.

The quality of these oil paintings are gallery quality, complete with frames that match very nicely with each picture. Three different artists painted each painting and except for the fact that the owner of the business was ill, I think I would probably have become more involved in this beautiful "keepsake" business.

As it stands, I have three very collectible and unique masterpieces that I've cherished for the years I've owned them. They actually inspired me to take my own artwork more seriously and became one of the reasons that I began to do Pet Memorials on Italian Tiles for others.

If you ever get the opportunity to have a portrait done in oil by a talented artist to memorialize a special occasion, loved one or pet, I hope you will do so. Art work that holds meaning is always priceless and always very collectible.

Update On Dec 28, 2008: Dec 28/08: Finally took the time to get a photo up of this painting - unfortunately the actual photo is at my daughters so I can't show the one that was used but originally she was sitting on top of a dark dining room table at the friend who snapped it. This picture hangs in our main floor family room right now but will become a part of my daughter's decor once she decides she'd like to take it over.