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Poulan Electric Chain Saw: Quietly Capable

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In deciding whether to buy a gas or electric chain saw, I like the electric chain saws better because they're a lot easier, quieter and cleaner to run, they don't give off exhaust fumes, and they don't require as much maintenance. My yard is only 100 feet long at its maximum length, so a 100 ft 14 gauge power cord will reach anyplace that I intend to use that chain saw, including up in the trees to remove some limbs. The Poulan 14" Electric Chain Saw is very lightweight, only 6.1 pounds. And because there's no gas tank to get in the way, I was able to trim down some 6" tall tree stumps in my yard to about 2" above ground level with just a horizontal slice.

The Poulan 14" Electric Chain Saw is the smallest chain saw that Lowe's sold, and at $48, also the most inexpensive. At 1.5 horsepower, Poulan 14" Electric Chain Saw is not very powerful, and I had to be patient while it slowly cut through some 6" thick firewood. But I couldn't ask for anything easier to use right out of the box. I had to buy the chain oil separately, but once I filled the housing with oil and lubricated the chain, all I had to do was plug the chain saw in, press the trigger, and cut the wood. I had to tighten the chain up a few times, which is normal during the break-in process, and that required a flat blade screwdriver and a 3/8" open end wrench, both of which I already owned. But I was having so much fun cleaning up my yard with my new chain saw that I didn't stop working until I had blisters on my hands.

For small cutting jobs that are close to the house, such as overgrown shrubs, tree limbs, and even small trees, I would recommend buying the Poulan 14" Electric Chain Saw.