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Pounce Hairball Cat Treats

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By ncmom on
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I don't know of anything that I hate worse about owning a cat (and that includes the litter box) than waking up in the middle of the night to that sound that tells me that my cat is coughing up a hairball! I hate it and although I really do like our cat, at that moment, I am not much of a pet lover. I have even been know to jump up out of bed and grab her and toss her out the back door to take care of her problem by herself, outside. I know, not very caring of me is it?

I don't really understand why cats have to clean themselves so much, dogs only do that if they have a flea, but the reality of it is that she does clean herself all the time and that causes her to swallow hair. And if the hair doesn't go down, it's going to come up. I have found that Pounce Hairball Cat Treats really do seem to help cut down on the problem. I give her a few of them every few days or whenever I happen to think about it.

She doesn't seem to be especially excited to get them. Not as she would be if offered tuna or something really fishy and stinky, but eventually she eats them and the hairball problem has really gone away. Now I must admit that I also give her a hairball prevention dry cat food so I don't know that Pounce gets all the credit for eliminating the problem but it helps and when it comes to this problem, anything and everything that helps is wonderful to me.