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Power Of Sound

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Well I'm a gamer so I never have cared too much for components that don't directly influence the performance of my games so when I received the Sound Blaster XI-FI I really didn't know what to expect. I'll start with the home entertainment aspect. If you're like me who uses their PC for Gaming and watching movies then it's time to listen up while I've been using the onboard sound of my motherboards for years and have had no quams with them I couldn't deny that the sound comes out vastly superior compared with my on board sound and I barely had to adjust the volume at all as we could all hear all the lines quite comfortably. Now on to the gaming side of things I have long wondered what having an EAX compatible gaming card would mean and how it would add to my gaming experience( I told you I'm a gaming purist) Let me tell you I was blown away by the significant difference this card actually made to the audio of all my games I'll take the racer GRID for example before I could hear the rumbling of the car engines and thought my sound was quite adequate. But now with the Sound Blaster XI-FI I feel like I'm actually inside the cockpit witnessing and experiencing the majestic sound first hand. I wasn't a fan of sound cards but the Sound Blaster XI-FI completely changed my minds it's a great card for gamers and home entertainment junkies alike.