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Power Monkey Explorer' Portable Charger

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By George Terry on
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I bought this Item after a mountain bike trip to Afan country park in Wales - which was great, if a little wet - While I was away I used my phone allot texting friends back in england and sending pictures back. But by the second day my phone ran out of battery, and because we where camping in the forest there where no places to plug my phone in to charge.mSo when I got back I searched for power monkeys so that I could recharge without mains support and after reading a couple of reviews on amazon about this item I bought it for myself. It arrived the next day, and it made me glad i bought this item.

This item comes with:

The battery component - which is very robust and has a long rechargeable life, I have tested it and it can recharge my phone 5 times without its self being recharged, may vary with phone.

A solar panel - Which is a great extra to a power monkey, so that it can be charged on the go. Although it is slow compared to mains charging.

Various chargers - Including : Europe, England, USA, Possibly Asia (Unsure of 3rd charger) mains chargers And connections to : many mobile devices, iPod/iPads/iPhones, USP and PSP - they are all useful as you don't have to carry around lots of different chargers just one container with lots of connections

And the best part is you can phone up and order any connections you need just call up say what model your phone or device is and they will send it off, probably turning up as it did for me on the day after your call.

So all in all this Power monkey is great if your camping and have no mains supply, and can really save you some trouble when looking for chargers. the only problem is that you can't charge you appliance whilst charging the power monkey you must do it separately. But this defiantly is a thing to buy if you are a budding camper or in need of power on the go.