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Prague Is Magical!

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Vassili Shields By Vassili Shields on
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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is an absolutely magical and beautiful place to visit. If you liked fairy tales or stories by the Brother's Grimm as a child, you will definitely love Prague. The entire city is built looking like an authentic version of Disney's "Magic Kingdom" with beautiful Spires, Towers and Castles everywhere you look. Gargoyles on buildings give the city the magical feel of living in Sleeping Beauty's homeland.

When i went to Prague, I found it very manageable to walk around. I went with my family, and we all had things to do. During the day we would sight-see, there is some wonderful history, museums, and beer factories. My favorite beer Pilsner was brewed there, so it was wonderful to have it with every meal! And then in the evening we would go to an event, either a puppet show (they are very famous for their puppets - I think Pinnochio is from Prague) or even an Opera. And then at night my cousin and I would hit up the night life.

The nightlife in Prague was unlike anything I had ever experienced before! I couldn't believe how fun and crazy it was. Absinthe, a very strong green alcoholic drink, is legal in Prague and it is said to make you hallucinate because of the presence of wormwood in the drink. It is very popular in Prague. The nightclub I went to was 6 floors, and right on a river. The whole place was neon and backlights, so it was a very different but cool easter-european experience.

I think prague is wonderful for the whole family, and it certainly never gets boring!