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Preen Weed And Grass Killer

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It's that time of year again. The time when weeds and grasses invade my flower beds. I am tired of pulling them out by hand. I just don't have the time.

I was shopping at Meijer's the other day and I thought about applying some chemicals to the area to kill off the invaders. I found this bottle of Preen. It caught my eye because the bottle says it kills to the root, ready to use and fast acting. Perfect!

I pulled out most of the bigger invaders and started to apply this spray to the flower bed. The first thing I noticed is that the attached sprayer isn't all that great. It really doesn't spray as much as it comes out in a stream. This made it hard to apply. It was going everywhere. I was trying not to get it on my flowers and other greenery. I could only hope that I was aiming correctly. I had to keep pumping the handle and it was hurting my hand after awhile. I wish it had come with a tube and a spray attachment. Those always seem to be easier to handle.

The package says it will give you results in 24 hours. Well I didn't see any proof of weed or grass dying off until 4 days later. Guess what! Yes, you probably guessed by now, I was successful in killing off some of my beautiful flowers too. I guess this works, but it's hard to apply and it is hard to direct the product with the applicator. I don't have any grass or weeds in my flower bed anymore....but I also have empty spots where it killed my flowers.