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Pregnancy Child Birth And Newborn

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I received this book just recently, as a gift, and I think it is just great!

This wonderful book is approximately 300 pages long, and is filled with great information for the first-time parents, or parents-to-be who would like to learn about the development of their soon-to-be baby!

If you are expecting, or planning to have children in the future, and would like to know what's really going to be going on, aside from the obvious- You're going to be having a baby- I would highly recommend this book to you.

This book has been very educational, and informative, as it talks about everything, from Planning to be/Becoming parents, The pregnancy, Prenatal Care, and Nutrition in Pregnancy. This book also covers subjects such as" What is safe during pregnancy". Other topics this book talks about are: Drugs, Medications, and Environmental Hazards in pregnancy. This book also talks about How you and your partner can help prepare for Childbirth and Labour, and gives you great tips on this subject.

Which I like, because as moms know, near the end of your pregnancy can be an extremely busy time, and we like to make sure we can be as prepared as possible.

I found this book also gives you some great advice about Child birth, such as: Relaxation and Comfort during labour. A very important topic for when that time comes! Another great topic this book covers is the positions you and your partner can try to get into while you are in labour, to help ease the pain of contractions, and help your baby move into the proper birthing position. This book also gives some good advice about breathing, and suggests some techniques you could use to help you breath throughout the birthing process, which will help you along while you are in labour. As we all know, breathing is one of the most important things mom will have to do and remember during labour, as it is extremely important not to hyperventilate!

I myself have learnt that lesson throughout my first time giving birth!

So I found this section to be very helpful. Fathers-to- be will also find this section helpful when mom is having troubles calming herself during labour. This book also covers information on what types of medications you can take while you are pregnant. It also explains what medications you can speak to your doctor about having while in labour to ease the pain, and much, much more!

I am pregnant for the second time, and had another book that was something like this one.

However, I have found myself to be learning more and more as I go on reading this one, due to the fact that it does give you a very clear and in depth look into pregnancy, labour, motherhood/fatherhood and life after your baby is born. I have found this book to go into more detail than most, Which I really enjoyed, because you can never learn too much about anything, especially pregnancy, as each one is very different from the next. This book helps you prepare more and gives you a really good idea of what you will be experiencing throughout your pregnancy! I also find this book to be a great resource, because it covers many topics about after pregnancy, such as: Caring for your baby, Feeding your baby and how you can help your baby, with certain exercises, to learn how to move his or body, and gain the proper flexibility they will need as they grow. This book also covers information on the Postpartum period, and how to cope with it.

This book is great because it also gives you tips and how you can prepare your other children for that special day that your newborn will arrive. Another very important topic for mothers and fathers who have more than just one child! I would also recommend this book to fathers-to-be, as it will also help you understand what is going on with mom and baby-to-be. This book will help you understand what exactly is going on with mom, and will help you feel like you are more a part of the pregnancy in general, as it covers information on what dad-to-be can do to help mom when she may need you the most, as well as give you some ideas on what you can do while mom is pregnant. This book is by Penny Simkin, P.T, Janet Whalley, R.N, , B.S.N. and Ann Keppler, R.N., M.N. of the Childbirth Education Association of Seattle.

I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I have, and that you too, will learn as much as I have!