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Pregnancy Sucks

Reviewing: Joanne Kimes And Sanford A. Tisherman Pregnancy Sucks: What To Do When Your Miracle Makes You Miserable  |  Rating:
By eclecticbird on
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I have to start this review by saying I laughed like a crazy person through a lot of this book. Let that also serve as a warning for anyone who is pregnant and thinking of buying this book. If your bladder is as tiny as mine was while pregnant, read with caution!

The book is 272 pages long and the chapters are broken down into the months of the pregnancy, one chapter about the birth and the final chapter about life after pregnancy. You might think by reading just the title that the author is very negative and complains during the entire book. Not so! This is a very honest book and she lets you know what things might not be all sunshine and butterflies to go through. She talks about absolutely everything that you ever wanted to ask your best friend about pregnancy but were too embarressed to ask. She goes into tiny bladders, fun (haha) hormonal changes that cause odd things to pop up all over you, breastfeeding, people trying to touch your tummy are but a few.

Because of this book I didn't freak out when various things happened and didn't feel the need to call my doctor every single day to check if this or that was normal.

If you want an honest look at pregnancy that just happens to be hilarious this is the book to read.